Draught Proofing

How we draught proof your windows
Read English Heritages report on how to improve the thermal efficiency of your sash windows
Sash window draught proofing specialists servicing North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire and Merseyside.

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1. Protect the working area with dust sheets
2. Remove staff beads
3. Remove sash cords and take out inner sash
4. Take out parting beads
5. Remove sash cords and outer sash
6. Remove excess paint from window frame and sashes
7. Router top , bottom and meeting rails of sashes to take brush seals
8. Insert nylon pile brush seals in to sashes
9. Refit outer sash with new long lasting sash cords
10. Fit new parting beads with integral draught seal
11. Refit inner sash with new long lasting sash cords
12. Replace any missing putty to sashes
13. Prime any bare wood ready for painting
14. Clean and hoover the working area
A comprehensive and cost effective service  that eliminates draughts and rattles reduces heat loss saving hard earned money.
Draught proofing your windows also improves sound proofing and dust and  grime ingress.