Over a period of time sash windows can succumb to the adverse effects of the British weather causing the timbers to rot away . The normal areas that decay first are the sill sections and the bottom of the boxes , also the bottom sash rails and horizontal glazing bars are prone to rot.
The south elevation of properties are most at risk of decay due to the southern sunshine , this has a worse effect on woodwork than rain by causing the paint and wood to split and crack leading to water ingress and eventually wood decay.

Most rotten window sections can be restored with our sash window restoration process, by either cutting out the rotten sections and replacing with new timbers bonded on with Repair Care two pack epoxy resin especially designed for the restoration of woodwork,
as they are extremely tough and stay permanently elastic to allow for expansion and contraction in the timbers they bond to.
Or we may fill the missing section completely with Repair Care epoxy resin if the area is not too large.

Typical rot repair prices

New Front sill                                        90.00
New complete sill                                 175.00
New bottom or top sash rails              70.00
New glazing bars                                 40.00
Small box repairs                                 35.00
Large box repairs                                60.00

Sash Window Restoration

Rot Repairs

We can make your sash windows secure with a selection of modern day security fittings allowing you to open your windows to your desired height without fear of intrusion.
Full Restoration Service      ( Starting from 170.00 )
Overhaul of both box and sashes
Discreet draught proofing machined in to the window components
New staff beads with integral draught seal
New parting beads with integral draught strip
Replacement long lasting sash cords
Adjustment and servicing of weighting mechanism
Repair of any loose sash joints
Refitting of sashes
Replace any loose putty
Replacement brass catch
Replacement brass sash lifts

Repair Care international System

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